Meet the Team

At Thomas Orthodontics, we are a team of enthusiastic and compassionate people who collaborate with dental care providers, our patients, and our patients’ families. Together, we achieve optimal oral health and lasting, beautifully confident and happy smiles!

Carrie Carrie

Front Desk Manager

I enjoy meeting people and seeing each person gain confidence during treatment. Those amazing, happy smiles make me smile! I work at the front desk where I answer the phones, schedule appointments, and handle insurance billing. I also work with patients and parents on financials during consultations.

Outside the office, I enjoy time with my husband, three children, and our two family dogs. I also like shopping trips.

Cortney Cortney

Orthodontic Assistant

I like working in a fun and dynamic office and really enjoy getting to know patients on a personal level. When a patient is excited their braces are coming off, it’s contagious, and I think I’m almost as excited as they are! Working in the clinic, I take X-rays and impressions, assist with upper and lower bandings and wire changes, and handle lab work.

My free time is often spent volunteering, helping the less fortunate in the community and with dogs. I also enjoy time with my niece and nephews, rollerblading, and being outside.

Jessica Jessica

Front Desk Assistant

I like getting to know our patients and their parents. It’s a good feeling to connect with others and be part of a team that helps people love their smiles! I schedule appointments, answer the phones, and assist with consultations.

I moved to Yorkville in 2015, from North Carolina, with my husband, a former Marine, and our two boys, Connor and Camden. We have three dogs, Bear, Heidi, and Rizzo, who is Connor’s diabetic alert dog. We love the area and how it has a small town feel yet isn’t a small town! Connor is involved in baseball and Camden plays soccer, which keeps us busy. Our family likes going to the movies and being outside when it’s warm.

Kendall Kendall

Orthodontic Assistant

I like meeting people and becoming their friends during treatment. The best day is when the braces come off and patients see the end results: nothing but great smiles! I provide patient care, change wires, take impressions, and assist the doctor with procedures. I also help with making retainers and sometimes answer the phones and schedule appointments for patients.

Outside the office, I enjoy plenty of time with my husband: he’s a wonderful, very tall (6’ 10”!) man. Although I do not have children, I really love family so I spend a lot of time with mine. Something else I really enjoy is volunteering 70 hours a month of my time with worldwide Bible education work.

Lauren Lauren

Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy building trust with our patients and seeing how each person changes as they see their smile change. Everyone finishes with great self-esteem and a wonderful smile! I take X-rays, photographs, and impressions, prepare models, and assist Dr. Thomas with procedures. My focus is on making sure our patient is comfortable in the chair.

I’m a caring, loyal, and trustworthy friend, daughter, sister, cousin, and niece. Family is everything to me. I love my job and love helping others feel comfortable and good about themselves.


Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy talking with our patients, building a close rapport with them, and watching the transformation of each person’s smile. I prepare patients for the journey they take with us. From the first appointment for the last, I assist with X-rays and impressions, banding, bonding, wire changes, and routine visits. I also remove braces and love seeing the finished smiles!

When I am not at work, I’m usually enjoying time with my husband and three children. We love being outside and spending quality time with our extended family.

Romney Romney

Lab Manager and Orthodontic Assistant

I like watching treatment progress and seeing how each person changes as their teeth move. When they start smiling without needing to be coaxed, I’m thrilled! I make retainers which help patients keep their finished smiles perfect, coordinate with the lab, and provide patient care.

I’m married and have two active children. Outside the office, I enjoy reading, fishing, attending White Sox games, and volunteering to help those in our community who are less fortunate.

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