Coronavirus Update

Due to the State of Illinois Shelter In Place Order for Covid-19, we are only seeing patients with emergencies, or those which are deemed medically necessary. Please contact the office at 630-554-5600 if you have any questions. 

Please follow this page or our Facebook for additional up-to-date information.


We hope all of our patients and their families have stayed safe and healthy during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice.  Our processes were designed so that when you, our patient, receives care, you stay as safe as possible.  We have always followed recommendations made by the ADA, CDC, and OSHA. 

We have made the following changes to protect our patients and staff:

-Immediately before coming to the office, patients will need to thoroughly brush their teeth. 

-Masks are required for everyone entering the office. 

-All parents and other family members must remain in their cars unless you need to speak with Dr. Robb or the front desk staff.  If Dr. Robb needs to speak to a parent, we will ask the patient to text you so you can come in.  The waiting room will be for the exclusive use of our patients waiting for their appointments.  (Please wait for your child in the car, do not leave the parking lot to run errands.  For the safety of other patients and our staff, once their appointment is complete, they cannot remain in the waiting room)

-Upon entry, please use the hand sanitizer to the right of the door.

-When our patients arrive at our office, they will be asked health screening questions, and have their temperature taken.  Any patient with a temperature above 99.5° will be rescheduled.  We will be checking them in at the front desk rather than the check in computer.

-Scheduling will be arranged to allow for proper social distancing of our patients.  We will not have the full use of the operatory.  Please know that while we are trying to get everyone in as quickly as possible, the limited use of the operatory means we will be able to see less patients on a daily basis than normal.  We have also done our best to manage the time so that there will be little wait time before being called to the operatory.  That means that we may not have time to complete an unscheduled repair.

-We have removed the magazines and coffee station from the waiting room, to prevent cross contamination.

Upon being called to the operatory, each patient will need to rinse with antiseptic mouthwash before treatment. 

Update May 12, 2020


Thank you for your patience as we work to schedule more than two months of canceled appointments. We will do our best to get everyone in as promptly as possible. 

We will be using the following parameters for scheduling patients moving forward:

Patients with initially cancelled appointments between March 18 and March 31 will be scheduled in the first available appointment.

Patients with initial appointments cancelled between April 1 and April 17 will be scheduled in the first available appointment after June 8.

Patients with initial appointments cancelled between April 20 and May 15 will be scheduled in the first available appointment after June 22.

If there was no appointment scheduled, we will base the new appointment date on 6 weeks from your last visit.

Our hours this week are:

Wednesday, May 15: 9-11:30 and 1-4:30

Thursday, May 16: 9-12 and 1-4:30

Friday, May 17: 9-12 and 1-3

Update May 11, 2020

Good news!! We have been cleared by the Department of Public Health to open for routine appointments, but we are waiting for personal protective equipment to be delivered so we can adequately protect both our patients and our staff. Please keep an eye on this page for updates to when we will open for routine appointments. Thank you for your patience!

Update May 4, 2020

Unfortunately, we are still not able to see routine patients. The Illinois Department of Public Health has closed all dental offices except for emergency visits, and have given no indication of when that closure will end. Please continue to watch our Facebook page and the Coronoavirus section of the website for updates. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

In the meantime, we are in the office from 9-4:30 Monday - Thursday until we reopen, if you need rubber bands, have questions, have an emergency, please give us a call.

Thank you for your patience!

Update April 25, 2020

With the new state Executive Order extending shelter-in-place, we are waiting for guidance from the ortho association and state dental society as to how this changes whether we are able to see patients for routine visits, and what we need to do relative to social distancing. Please keep an eye on Facebook and the Covid-19 section of the website. We’ll post updates in both places. Thank you for your patience. We miss seeing all of your smiling faces!

Update April 2, 2020

Governor Pritzker announced Tuesday that the Shelter in Place order has been extended through April 30. We are continuing to call all patients to cancel appointments.

Because of the fluidity of the situation, we are not rescheduling adjustment, retainer check, or repair appointments at this time. We are asking everyone to call when the shelter in place order is expired, and we will get everyone in as soon as possible. We expect that we will need to continue some social distancing between our patients, so we will not have full use of our operatory.

As always, we appreciate your patience as we work through this unique situation! We miss all of our patients!

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